WriteAppReviews - Really Work or Scam?

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Official Website : WriteAppReviews

WriteAppReviews is a website that promises to provide you with access to an easy way for you to begin making money by simply downloading apps, trying them out & then publishing reviews online.

And naturally, it’s gained a lot of attention – especially as it claims that members can join from anywhere in the world & that they could potentially make hundreds of dollars per day.

You’re led to believe that all you need to do is;

Choose an app to test Write about it Make money

What Are The Costs?

Whilst you’re initially led to believe that WriteAppReviews is free, entering your email address to “get started” reveals that the program actually requires you to pay $27 to get access.

And for a mere $27 you may be tempted to try it.

But hold up before you do because $27 isn’t actually the real cost of the program.

You see, immediately after handing over the $27 to get started you’re presented with an additional upsell costing $97 & this supposedly gets you access to the “Express Pass VIP Area”.

Without this upsell you’re led to believe that you’ll earn 10x less… So although they claim it’s “optional”, they stress that you’ll need to buy it to stand any chance of seeing success.

This means the initial cost of $27 has now quickly escalated to $124 & it doesn’t stop there because after the $97 upsell you’re immediately presented with yet another 2 upsells.

Writeappreviews review: Who is it for?

It is ideal for business experts and individuals with access to a phone. The platform works by advertising the fact that they provide genuine reviews and comments from real users. The writer must be a native English speaker, so the report must reflect the same.

In addition to making extra income as thanks, writing the report is one of the hottest ways to discover new packages. It has a highly secure means of adding something different to the site. By sharing new products, it creates new ways of discovering trends. That way, what’s needed in the market gets out there.

The website shows you how to open the application and follow the rules. In addition, there’s a bonus reveal of the payment page and price setting.

Is WriteAppReviews a Scam?

In my opinion, yes, WriteAppReviews is a scam & the reason I say that is because the creators of it know fine well that you are not really going to actually find success with it.

The reality is that they’ve created WriteAppReviews to make themselves money, not you.

And then as I mentioned earlier in this review there’s also the fact that upon signing up to WriteAppReviews you’re also pushed into joining 2 other well known money-making scams.

So it’s easy to see that the WriteAppReviews program should be best avoided.

But the good news is that if you are still looking to earn money online then there is a legitimate way that you can actually earn money by writing reviews for products or services online.

If you’d like to learn more about it, be sure to check out my Commission Academy course.

Either way, whatever you decide to do I just hope that you found my review of WriteAppReviews.com here useful & most importantly I hope it helped you to save some of your hard-earned cash.

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