TressAnew Reviews 2021 - Does This Thing Work Or Scam?

Does TressAnew really work? How does TressAnew help with hair loss? Do you find several of your hair strands trapped in the drain after taking a bath? Does brushing your hair seem like a chore because of how many hairs are pulled out easily with each swipe? Do the women at salons look at you mockingly and snicker amongst themselves? Undeniably, hair loss can be quite mortifying and can take a toll on your self-esteem. Please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about TressAnew and its effects.

In the beauty industry, everyone seems to have a story when it comes to hair problems. No matter what the story, the ultimate goal is healthy, great-looking hair.  Here are 5 common hair problems and the best ways to overcome them:

1) Dandruff

Dandruff, scaly particles that cling to the root of the hair, can be caused by a poor diet, an infection, or even a sluggish metabolism.

2) Hair Loss

Although historically discussed as a problem among men, hair loss/thinning hair is also common among women.  For most men, it may be male pattern balding.  Female hair loss is often caused by stress, medication, changing hormones, and even menopause.  Additionally, many hair styling products (chemicals/excessive heat) can contribute to hair loss.

3) Dry Hair

Shampooing too often causes dry hair.  Although squeaky-clean hair is a good thing, many overdo it by washing once, sometimes twice, per day.  That will strip away all of the hair’s natural oils.

4) Heat Damaged Hair

Use your curling iron or flat iron too much and your hair will become damaged.

How to fix it: You will need to lay off the hot irons as much as possible.  Next, start getting your ends trimmed every 3 weeks.  Finally, start using a deep conditioner with keratin (to soften your hair) and cetyl alcohol (which will help retain moisture).

5) Color Damaged Hair

When you color your hair, chemicals are used to open your hair shaft, leaving your hair extremely porous and prone to brittleness and breakage.

How to fix it: Work with a professional, use a dye with special moisturizers, and get a precolor trim (because your ends are prone to soak up excess color).

What is TressAnew?

TressAnew is Hair solution and support healthy, noticeable hair growth that has been designed with a sole goal in mind – to help women regain control of their hair and scalp. According to the official website, this product is fully naturally made with ingredients designed to target the root cause that leads to hair loss. TressAnew has been carefully formulated to include three of the most potent 5-AR inhibitors found in nature. The product is suitable for you even if you have bad hair genes and is potentially safe to use as it is free from chemicals. TressAnew is available in the form of orally administered capsules which are exclusively sold via

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How Does TressAnew Work?

TressAnew is likely to perform three things rather than one. It has been developed to help you get rid of hair fall. Along with this, it also helps with hair regrowth. Moreover, the formula also works towards the end of making your hair stronger, thicker, and more beautiful. Regularly using it can also make your hair smoother and softer as well.

TressAnew capsules could be a potential solution for hair loss as well as for making your hair more lustrous. It fights dullness so that you can feel confident about your hair rather than always have your hair in a bun. TressAnew can, therefore, be considered as a complete package of getting perfect hair. It aims to work for you even if you have always had thin or dull hair. It works to inhibit a particular enzyme in your body that is responsible for hair loss. Talking about hair fall, you might associate it more with men than with women. The reason behind this is simple – it’s mostly men who start going through hair fall at a younger age, not women. Sure, aging does also take a toll on the thickness of a woman’s hair.

Ingredients of TressAnew mentions that this hair product contains a herbal blend for inhibiting 5-AR. Take a look at the main ingredients included in this blend below:

Saw palmetto

Tressanew hair supplement also contains saw palmetto which has been shown by research to naturally block the receptors of DHT so that they aren’t able to connect with your hair follicles. Other than this, there are many other hair-related benefits that you can derive from this remedy.


Horsetail contains antioxidants and silicone. This ingredient can slow down the aging of your hair and strengthen your hair structure so that the hair looks more youthful. Combined with the other ingredients of TressAnew, this ingredient can also reduce DHT.


This special ingredient can help fight the androgenic impact of DHT which leads to hair damage. Along with stopping hair fall, Fo-Ti can also boost the color of your hair, making it more luminous. Other than this, it can also increase the thickness of your hair.

Nettle root

Nettle root is a herb that has been used for a long time. It can block the 5-AR enzyme from converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Furthermore, nettle root can get rid of the DHT that has been collected in your body over time. As a result, it has been added to the TressAnew ingredients list.


Another problem that causes your hair to lose its luster and contributes to slow hair regrowth is calcium. As calcium builds up inside hair follicles it can cause clogging and disrupt the nutrient flow. Therefore, this supplement contains magnesium to counteract the effects of calcium.


Next, TressAnew hair pills contain biotin which can stop the 5-AR enzyme from converting testosterone into DHT. It also improves the appearance of your hair and encourages hair regrowth so that you have a thick and beautiful, long mane.

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Benefits of Using TressAnew

TressAnew is safe to use all-natural hair health-boosting formula. This product increases your confidence and happiness 100%. This supplement is completely natural and safe to take by anyone at any age. The added ingredients are purely sourced from nature’s extract. You can enjoy thicker and fuller hair in just days. This product supercharges your hair growth effectively. It makes you feel womanly, beautiful, confident, and happy again. TressAnew gets to the root of your hair woes in a way. In just days, you can get your hair back.


TressAnew is currently available at discount at The regular price of this supplement is $67. However, as part of the discount on the starter package which includes one bottle, you just have to pay $49.95. Other than this, there are two more deals available as well. You can take a look at these below:

The most popular deal of TressAnew includes 3 bottles and brings you a 40% discount. In this package, the price of each bottle is just $39.95. Last but not least, there is a bigger value deal available as well. This deal brings 6 bottles with each priced at just $33, offering you a 51% discount.

Final Verdict

The ingredients that have been included in TressAnew are natural which makes sure that there are no side effects. TressAnew seems to be a promising product that you can purchase if you’re suffering from hair loss. This supplement has been designed for women who are experiencing hair thinning and find that their hair has become duller. The supplement is to be orally administered which means that you have to take capsules on a regular basis so that the ingredients can fight the root cause behind hair fall. TressAnew is available online only. There is no offline availability. Individual results may vary from person to person—all depends on your hair condition and the health of your hair. Consult your physician before taking any dietary supplement. Do not exceed the recommended dosages. TressAnew is not for women who suffer from alopecia, female pattern baldness, or other medical conditions that affect your hair

All these ingredients work to inhibit the 5-AR enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Once DHT is limited in the body your hair troubles are likely to be naturally resolved.

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TressAnew Customer Reviews – FAQs

Has TressAnew been dermatologically tested?

Tressanew’s website doesn’t mention whether it has been tested by a dermatologist or verified by a third party or volunteers. However, customer reviews are proof that this supplement is an effective one.

Is TressAnew completely safe for everyone?

So far, there have been no TressAnew complaints or reports of people experiencing any side effects with the use of this supplement. However, in case you do experience any side effects when using TressAnew, you can stop the use of this supplement.

How long do you have to take TressAnew?

You can take TressAnew whenever you think that your hair needs a boost. However, regular use is recommended. You can continue the use of this supplement for as long as it continues to benefit you. Further instructions can be found on the label of the product.