Review : The Simple 10-Second Ritual That Could Very Well Save Your Life

You see, relatively few people recognize that every 11 seconds, someone over 60 here falls, which results in a trip to the emergency room. And every 19 minutes, a person dies from their fall. That amounts to 28,000 deaths every year, all resulting from trips and falls.

Not only that, if you do slip and fall, according to the data collected, your chances of ending up in a nursing home, triple...And if you fall more than twice in one year, according to the research, your risk of passing away within five years increases by over 200%.

The Simple 10-Second Ritual That Could Very Well Save Your Life

The real cause for trips and falls has nothing to do with getting old or slowing down. The reason is that a sleeping nerve ( Peroneal Nerve ) in your foot triggers 97% of trips and falls in those over 60. Based on research of the University of Cambridge and Harvard University, the your foot that is responsible for 28,000 deaths from falls in old people's lives per year.

This 10-second ritual will reawaken the interrupted nerve (Peroneal Nerve) in your foot to trigger your body's automatic reaction to spring into action and contract the muscles in your leg to give you support. It doesn't matter how old you are, if you're overweight, bedridden, have osteoarthritis, or you're on a laundry list of prescription medications.

While you are standing or walking, you will ensure the strength and stability in your legs feels like that of a young person again. So that you can walk easily again and feel completely at ease.

What is Neuro-Balance Therapy (

Neuro-Balance Therapy is a complete and full-body balance-strengthening DVD series that helps prevent and prepare your body for sudden trips and falls. Neuro-Balance Therapy will help you restore your body's ability to move freely and feel strong, stable and balanced with every step. And it all started with this very simple, yet extremely powerful 10-second exercise using weird looking rubber ball every morning. That awakens your underlying, deep nerve responsible for keeping you upright and fall-proof.

  • Little Custom Miracle Balls or Spike Ball

Made with nerve-wakeup technology, each ball has a specific number of spikes that gently release tension while stimulating this 1 important nerve ( Peroneal Nerve ). Nothing else on the market had the quality and touch I was looking for. You see, you can’t just use any ole’ rubber ball.

These nerve wakeup balls are made using crystallized particles to offer a very durable and soft pressure, which is effective for stimulating the dead nerve in your foot.

  • What Is The Deep Peroneal Nerve ?

There’s an inner nerve in your foot called the Deep Peroneal Nerve that’s responsible for firing all the little muscles in your foot, ankle, and lower leg that basically catch you from falling.

The deep peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve. It originates in the lumbosacral plexus and descends through the posterior thigh to the leg. The deep peroneal nerve innervates muscles in the anterior compartment of the leg, including tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, and extensor hallucis longus. Injury to this nerve can cause foot drop, a condition in which the foot hangs limply downward because the muscles that lift it are paralyzed.

Along with the ultra-powerful, yet very simple to do 10-second ritual that re-awakens this 1 important nerve in your body so you’ll instantly feel safer and more fall-proof by tonight.

Who is Chris Wilson ?

As a qualified Balance Specialist, and out of the hundreds of customers balance. Chris Wilson stated that there are 3 common mistakes and misconceptions that are most likely to make you trip and fall without knowing it.

1. The common error I've seen over the years is overuse of balance apparatuses, bosu balls and balance balls. These exercise and equipment are great for those who want to keep up an impeccable physical shape. But if you have lost the mobility, strength and equilibrium in your legs, along with your self-confidence, such exercises and equipment can actually increase your risk of falling.

2. The second common mistake that's severely affecting your balance and stability is not realizing it is your shoes that are causing your issues.

Your feet have countless nerve endings to detect when you have made contact with the ground. But by wearing shoes for your entire life, these nerve endings have become excessively hypertrophied. They have become so sensitive that the slightest touch can overwhelm them. Because of this, you may accidentally stumble and fall, and the muscles in your feet and lower legs aren t able to help you right yourself because the nerve response has diminished.

3. The largest balance lies with people who assume that older people have a higher risk of falling.

Fortunately, it isn't true that aging makes you inclined to falls. It's just a myth because if it were the case, millions more would fall nationwide and sadly die from these injuries.

Can Be Done At Your Own Home

Perhaps at home, and perhaps as you move around. It's always possible to become more active with even such a seemingly simple little ritual as this, which only works this one time per day and only takes 10 seconds. Even as you watch TV.

You don't have to have any special expertise, or be a workout nut, to start using this straightforward exercise routine today. You can get started with this simple protocol in the comfort of your surroundings to enjoy better balance and stronger stability right away.

This program gently guides you through the process by replicating what happens in the peroneal nerve, which supports your feet with stable walking regardless of the role or age.

What You Get From Neuro-Balance Therapy (

With Neuro-Balance Therapy program, you'll receive the entire program that MaryAnne used, along with over 112,000 others over the past 4 months.

1. Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

Chris Wilson will lead you through a series of movements inside each video so you'll activate your deep peroneal nerve in your foot and develop increased stability, mobility and quick footiness in your lower body.

2. You’ll be getting your own personal spike ball

Is Neuro-Balance Therapy ( Scam ?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is not a scam because it is based on the latest research, unlike many of the other "miracle cures" that are currently being promoted by alternative medicine practitioners.


Neuro-Balance Therapy is a simple 10-second ritual that could very well save your life. It is a form of therapy that helps to balance the nervous system and improve overall health. That awakens your underlying, deep nerve responsible for keeping you upright and fall-proof.