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Your circulatory system carries nutrients and oxygen to every inch of your entire body as it flows through your blood. More blood flow means more oxygen circulating through your entire body. It's simple, the more oxygen that is carried through the blood, the healthier you’ll feel. All because of the gas molecule is called Nitric Oxide.that’s created by your very own body, in your blood. Nitric Oxide acts as a “signaling” mechanism inside your body that naturally "switches on" blood flow and circulation.Circulation throughout every part of your body. Without enough Nitric Oxide, blood flow slows to a trickle.

MIT researchers discovered that the most important part of producing nitric oxide takes place before you even swallow. It turns out that the saliva and good bacteria in your mouth are vital to creating Nitric Oxide. The longer those nutrients stay in your mouth by chewing them, the more nitric oxide you can produce. So, if nitrate rich food, drinks, or supplements don’t have time to interact with the saliva and bacteria in your mouth, you can’t produce very much Nitric Oxide.

CircuBoost is a delicious energy powdered drink with a tropical mango zing, so it tastes great. And it interacts with saliva in your mouth so you’re not bypassing the most important step in Nitric Oxide production. CircuBoost also aids the body’s performance by helping improve delivery of more oxygen, fuel, and other key nutrients to active muscles.This delivers a circulation surge that energizes your cells, powers up endurance, protects your heart, and revitalizes your entire body from head to toe. Just mix one scoop with water or your favorite beverage... and drink it.

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CircuBoost Benefits.

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